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Electronic Monitoring – The Effective Way to Reduce Crime

Electronic Monitoring – The Effective Way to Reduce Crime

Judges are taking to electronic monitoring of criminals in an effort to reduce the pressure on the already overcrowded and expensive prison system. Currently, there are a variety of devices available to facilitate effective monitoring of criminals. Some of the popular devices that are used for electronic monitoring include radio frequency or RF monitoring devices, passive, active, and hybrid GPS tracking devices, as well as voice verification platforms.

Offender monitoring services in Michigan have been taken to the next level through the introduction of electronic monitoring systems. The state has made it a policy to provide GPS ankle tethers to all criminals not lodged in jail following their verdict. Even those who are currently involved in ongoing  trials are not put behind the bars and instead are provided with a GPS tether.

The best thing about these tethering devices is that they help considerably in reducing crime. The reason behind this is the fact that most criminals will not risk their freedom by opting for an unnecessary violation. They do not want to return to the dingy jail cells and instead be a part of  society and lead an active life.

Once a criminal has committed a crime, he is statistically more likely to commit the same crime again. There is no in point wasting the state’s resources for building and maintaining new jails to house these repeat offenders of minor crimes; rather, the courts can opt for electronic monitoring. Despite their economic advantages not all counties in Michigan use the tethering devices on their minor offenders.

Several other states in the U.S. are opting for similar programs to the offender monitoring services used in Michigan.  The Michigan tether program has been a huge success, which has inspired other states to replicate the use of tethers to reduce incarceration. There is no need for low-level offenders to be put in jail, as tethering can be used for effective tracking of the offender’s activities.

The Department of Corrections has a centralized monitoring system with alerts. Thus, any abnormal activity such as loitering near a restricted area sends in an alert to the authorities who then immediately arrest the offender.

The Michigan tether program has been an excellent example to other jurisdictions that crime can be reduced quite effectively if one knows how to use electronic monitoring wisely.


Easy DNA testing in Michigan

Easy DNA testing in Michigan

Paternity testing is often very stressful, especially in cases that involve secretly which will only add to any already existing anxiety. DNA testing in Detroit can be carried out in secrecy if  the consent of the person whose toothbrush, hair, or other biological specimens you want to get tested is obtained.

If a sample of a person is sent in, then his/her written and duly signed consent is needed to carry out the DNA testing in the state of Michigan. If the sample is for a minor under 18 years of age, then the consent form needs to be signed by one of the minor’s legal guardians.  

Sending in biological samples like a cheek-swab or hair is the usual norm but you can submit things such as a  toothbrush; however, again you will need to have the consent of the person whose sample is being sent for tests.  A majority of the labs need to get special samples pre-approved before starting the tests. You will also have to furnish additional details such as the age of the sample, type of sample, and the quantity of the sample.

Special specimens like toothbrushes are tough samples to process so no lab will guarantee an accurate result. There are many labs that offer sibling, avuncular, and grandparent DNA tests but the major challenge is that the participants are sometimes not willing or available to undergo the tests. There are several DNA testing labs in Michigan, and you can get a paternity test done at any point in time.

How do you choose the best among DNA testing centers in Michigan?

If you are trying to choose the best DNA testing in Michigan, then you will need to have a look at their accreditation. The best testing centers have been accredited by the AABB, L-A-B, and NYSDOH. Majority of the DNA testing facilities follow the strict guidelines laid down by their governing bodies. You will need to carry out your own search before you finalize the lab to get your DNA tested. Choosing the best DNA testing lab is a not a tough task because all you will need to do is a bit of online research and you should be flooded with several DNA testing centers in Michigan, as well as any information pertinent to making your choice.    


Does Substance Abuse Counseling Really Help?

Does Substance Abuse Counseling Really Help?

If someone were able to get rid of substance abuse without professional help from a therapist or counselor then that would probably a great accomplishment. However, not everyone is designed physically or psychologically to take on their addiction directly – they usually need substance abuse counseling. There are several drug addict victims who cannot fight the battle alone since their cravings and relapses are quite tough to deal with.  

Substance abuse treatment in Detroit essentially includes substance abuse counseling along with family counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and several other approaches to help the victims recover from their addiction. Psychotherapy has the power to treat a variety of psychological conditions, which is often the underlying cause for substance abuse.

Why is counseling so important in treating substance abuse?

It’s not only physical dependence on the substances but also the social and psychological factors that puts person at high risk for a relapse. Some of the factors that can trigger a relapse are:

  • Stress,
  • Environmental changes like visiting a specific place or locality ,
  • Spending too much time with friends and family members who abuse drugs themselves .

These factors can be very strong, and can result in an irresistible urge to take drugs or other substances. Substance abuse counseling helps the addicts block cravings successfully and also helps them to deal with life situations in a confident, and appropriate manner.  

Detroit substance abuse treatment programs are extremely popular among residents of Michigan as they have proved to be very effective in dealing with substance abuse. Counseling therapies are a blend of several therapies in the right manner so that the problem of substance abuse in tacked in a holistic manner. Thus, there is no fixed approach to counseling and the treatment plan is customized based on the needs of the individual.

Several Metro Detroit substance abuse agencies prefer group therapies over individual therapies. The logic behind this is that in group therapies victims are challenged as well as supported by their peers who are also drug abuse patients. Another substance abuse counseling tool is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, which helps a person identify the thoughts, situations, and moods which trigger a drug craving. They are also taught to use positive thoughts to weed out any negative thought that usually triggers substance abuse.  

Substance abuse treatment agencies have been helping substance abuse victims get over their addiction and lead a sober, healthy life. These benefits make it clear that people suffering from the problem of substance abuse, no matter how strong their will power is,  should always think about seeking help in the form of substance abuse counseling .


Detroit Substance Abuse Treatment Programs – Lifeline for Teenagers

Detroit Substance Abuse Treatment Programs – Lifeline for Teenagers

One’s teenage years are the time when an individual is extremely curious and adventurous, which leaves them vulnerable to substance abuse. Many go through emotional ups and downs due to hormonal changes in their body, and they may use drugs to deal with these new feelings and problems. Because of those issues, Detroit substance abuse treatment programs have been sought after by parents who want to restore normalcy to the lives of their teenage sons or daughters. However, these programs are not always enough to prevent or deter youngsters from substance abuse – friends and family have to play a vital active role as well.

How does a parent know that their teenager is engaging in substance abuse?

This is quite a common question but parents must understand that substance abuse can begin at any age; however, people are usually drawn to drugs in their youth. If you notice sudden behavioral changes in your teenage child without any concrete reason like depression, lethargy, or acting withdrawn, then there is a chance that he/she might be abusing drugs.  There are some other obvious signs of drug abuse which includes change in friend circles, steady decline in academics, eating and sleeping changes, and/or losing interest in favorite activities, etc.

Substance abuse manipulates the brain and can be treated when you take your teenager for substance abuse treatment. Clinics in Metro Detroit are popular for treating teenagers successfully. Repeated substance abuse impacts the brain wherein the victims lose their ability to thoroughly weigh decisions, make judgments, memorize and learn, and control their behavior. Only you can help your teenage son or daughter and seeking professional help is the first step towards that.

You can start being proactive by taking your child to Detroit drug treatment centers where they will screen your child for symptoms and signs of substance abuse. These centers have addiction specialists and who have the necessary skills to take care of young people addicted to drugs. Getting your teen to subscribe for substance abuse treatment programs can be a challenging task because most teenagers don’t like the idea of going to a doctor because frequently they are in denial mode.

You may have to create some incentives for your teenager to go to the doctor and not get into a confrontational intervention as that could easily backfire. You need to understand that your child is still immature and you might have to force a few decisions while at times taking his or her opinion. It’s more of a trial and error method so keep trying because your child’s life is at stake.


Michigan Substance Abuse Evaluation for Driver’s License Reinstatement

Michigan Substance Abuse Evaluation for Driver’s License Reinstatement

If you get a DUI in Michigan, restoration of your driver’s license is not impossible. In order to have your driver’s license reinstated in Michigan, there are a list of guidelines and tasks you must complete to prove to the courts that your alcohol abuse is under control and you will not be drinking and driving again. After getting a DUI, it is necessary to submit a request for an administrative hearing to the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division (using SOS 257 Form). People are typically allowed only one hearing a year.

Prior to the hearing for getting the driver’s license restored after a DUI, it is mandatory to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and it must meet certain specifications per the Michigan Secretary of State. The substance abuse evaluation will include the disclosure of all current and past use of drugs and alcohol. The drug screen analysis brought to the evaluation will be reviewed and discussed.

Schedule your evaluation appointment and print out the Michigan form SOS 258 (Michigan Substance Use Evaluation) to take with you. The SOS 257 Form and SOS 258 Evaluation will need to be submitted simultaneously for your hearing with the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division. When you arrive to your evaluation appointment, it is imperative you have:

  • Master Driving Record (call the Secretary of State Plus Office or order from Lansing, Michigan after having your license suspended).
  • 12-Panel Urinalysis Drug Screen
  • Four Notarized Letters of Support less than 6 months old: Letters have to be specific per the Secretary of State guidelines. Additionally, they have to be notarized by a public notary and cannot be older than six months at the time of your evaluation.

When you present your case at the hearing for your driver’s license reinstatement, you must include the following evaluation forms to the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division:

  • All evaluator results from exams and testing
  • Treatment history, including relapses
  • Substance abuse criminal record – charges/convictions
  • Support group attendance records
  • Evaluator’s diagnosis and positive prognosis
  • Person’s current living / work situation, address, environment, and lifestyle changes that have taken effect since the suspension
  • Any relevant information pertaining to the person’s present circumstances
  • Support description detailing what plan the person has for maintaining sobriety

If the substance abuse evaluation is not favorable, a lawyer can help guide you through the procedure of getting a second opinion in Michigan. While the substance abuse evaluation SOS 258 is a requirement from the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division when submitting your hearing request SOS 257 Form, it is not the only requirement for driver’s license restoration.

It is critical to change your lifestyle and obtain strong letters of reference from neighbors, friends, and co-workers that can attest to your change, as well as your character. Ensuring you have everything necessary along with your witnesses will best prepare you for the testimony with the Michigan Driver License Assessment and Appeal Division hearing.

If you or someone you know has lost their driver’s license after a DUI conviction in Michigan, we can help at MDADs with the Michigan Secretary of State Requirements and evaluation. Contact our professional, friendly staff today to learn more.


Louisville, KY Latest City of Heroin Overdoses

Louisville, KY Latest City of Heroin Overdoses – 52 Calls in 32 Hours

The latest surge of heroin drug overdoses is in Louisville, Kentucky; where Louisville Metro Emergency Services reported they responded to 52 overdose calls in 32 hours (more than double for the prior week). The heroin epidemic has quickly gained momentum through America, plaguing communities with its extreme euphoria and horror. Heroin is traumatically affecting people and doesn’t discriminate; young, old, man, female, rich, poor, big, little. It doesn’t matter, no one seems safe from the horror sweeping the country.

The city of Louisville is not new to the heroin problem, and in fact, the city’s opioid problem has only been getting worse. The only change seen is the influx of people being rushed to Norton Audubon Hospital suffering from drug related overdoses, and the majority are heroin related. EMT’s, hospital emergency room doctors, and staff are just plain overwhelmed at this point by the sheer masses of heroin overdoses coming through the doors. Families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers all over the city have suffered through multiple funerals as a result of the heroin problem.

It is difficult to find a person in Louisville, Kentucky that has not been affected by the heroin epidemic.

  • On average, 22 overdoses a day are brought into Louisville, KY’s emergency rooms
  • In January 2017, Louisville Metro Emergency Services responded to 695 overdose calls
  • According to CNN’s news report – a Norton Audubon Hospital ER doctor treated 9 overdoses in one single shift
  • Midnight Wednesday February 8 through Friday February 10 at 8am (EST): 52 overdose calls into LMES (mostly heroin overdoses)


The frustration of those left behind has led to an overwhelming group of advocates fighting a substance abuse treatment and recovery process for those left twisting in the wind from a heroin or opioid addiction. Help is needed, and it’s needed sooner rather than later. Every day with no action is a day lost. Another day is a repeat of rising emergency room drug overdose cases and deaths.

Entire communities just like Louisville, KY are suffering from rising crime rates and cluster funerals as a result of the heroin and opioid epidemic. It’s time to stop focusing on the punishment for users and get to the root of the problem. It’s time to start working towards a mass solution in society to relieve the burden on the health care system, and to ultimately to prevent the senseless crimes and deaths happening in skyrocketing numbers.


How We Help

Michigan Diagnostic Alcohol and Drug Services helps you help those suffering from heroin and opioid drug disorders. We help you help them stay sober and focused on a life without drugs.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services – When you are looking for instant lab results for your clients or offenders on probation, then Michigan Counseling Group has the solution! We have every product available for instant drug and alcohol testing to keep your loved one on track and accountable to their goals. All service results are admissible in court and legal proceedings.

Counseling Services – We help people find a way to cope day to day, learn how to live life on their own terms, and begin to heal from the wounds of their past with our complete counseling services. Counseling is critical to help those suffering from a drug problem get past the emotions or lifestyle choices leading them to drugs in the first place. We help people so they no longer feel hopeless or insecure about the future.

Offender Monitoring – Michigan Counseling Group offers a variety of monitoring solutions with M-TRACK, GPS, Scram CAM HOUSE ARREST, and BREATH PBT. Our solutions are so popular that they are already being used by bail bond companies and government agencies all around the country.



Opioids Overdose Deaths Epidemic Explainer

Opioids Overdose Deaths Epidemic Explainer – The Next Steps

Cuyahoga County, Ohio is the latest location to shine a spotlight on the nation’s skyrocketing opioid problem. CNN reported last week on February 8th at least 14 people had overdosed over the weekend in Cuyahoga County on opioids. We are barely into the 2nd month of 2017 and the Ohio Montgomery County Coroner’s office is already expressing concerns of running out of room for incoming deceased bodies. Last September, Cuyahoga County had 7 drug overdoses in a period of 24 hours.

Over 60% of the autopsies performed this year in that office alone have involved drug overdoses. The thing is this: Cuyahoga County is not alone. Cities, towns, and counties all over the United States have been enduring these high number of opioids drug fatalities in ‘spurts’ for a few years, which begs the questions;

“Why is it there an epidemic of opioid overdose fatalities in America and why are they happening at once in groups?”


One theory behind the problem is when a drug of very high potency, like Fentanyl, gets introduced to the community, the number of overdoses dramatically rising in a short period of time happens. A bad drug or a strong drug in a community (especially where addicts/users/criminals congregate to get a hold of ‘good’ stuff at the same time) leads to a greater number of people dying from overdoses. FYI- Fentanyl is the drug that music legend Prince overdosed on in his home.

According to Dr. Fiellin of Yale School of Medicine, the state of Connecticut concluded more than 40% of opioid-related overdoses involved people having other substances in their body. In other words, mixing pain pills or a prescription medication like Xanax with alcohol may prove to be deadly. The nationwide surging numbers include disturbing revelations about the problem including,

  • 91 people die in America daily from opioid drug overdoses
  • Synthetic opioids overdose deaths rose over 72% during 2014 to 2015 (CDC)
  • In 2015, over 33,000 people died from opioid overdose in America

What do we do as a society to prevent future opioid deaths?

Oftentimes, it is seen where people with opioid use disorder are actually using the opioid drugs to aid with withdrawal and not using the drug any longer for the high. This is because they have typically already developed such a high level of tolerance to the drug that it no longer satisfies their need for that ‘high.’

Developing a custom plan for the individual to learn how to live life without drugs is a process. It works best with the ultimate goal of the individual being able to comfortably function and live life as a contributing member of society. Congregation with other drug users is highly discouraged, as it has a high tendency to lead to temptation and relapses.

Instead of stopping at emergency medical treatment or a sentence for possession, there needs to be resources utilized to lower the risk for future use of the drug itself. Unfortunately, jail time doesn’t usually work to solve the underlying problem either. Saving someone’s life from overdosing doesn’t work to solve any problem, except the immediate issue of dying. Life reform needs to happen and it works best if used in a set of guidelines with the support of others around while actively monitoring the person for illegal substances.

How We Help

The products and serviced offered by Michigan Diagnostic Alcohol and Drug Services cover all of the needs you have for client or loved ones with opioid drug disorder. We can help you help them stay clean and on track towards a full and complete life without drugs.

Counseling Services – We help people in need, suffering from depression, mental disorders, and drug addictions to learn how to get past the loneliness, insecurity, and hopelessness. When dealing with drug and alcohol dependencies, it is important to get to the root of the problem the person has that is sending them running towards drugs. Instead, our services allow the individual to focus on the future and using new coping skills to get there without the need for mind altering substances.

Offender Monitoring – MDAD offers a wide array of monitoring solutions with M-TRACK, HOUSE ARREST, Scram CAM, GPS, BREATH PBT and they are utilized by local, county, and state agencies around the country. Bail bond companies are a big customer market too.

Drug/ Alcohol Testing Services – We offer all of the instant lab needs you have for your offenders and clients on probation. If you are concerned about your loved ones who are using or in trouble legally because of substance abuse issues, Michigan Counseling Group can help. Contact us for the testing services you need to help them stay accountable. All results are admissible in legal proceedings and court cases. Help keep them on track with our testing services, as being drug-free increases the chance of employment and passing their entrance screens.

4 Kids Found Living in Detroit Home with Fentanyl Lab

4 Kids Found Living in Detroit Home with Fentanyl Lab  

The Michigan State Police Chemical Unit is on their way to the home to remove the substances” – WJBK, Detroit Fox News

You know it’s bad when the Michigan State Police Chemical Unit is on the way to your house to remove ‘substances’ and your children have been removed from your custody and given to their mother.

That is what one father is going through today, as just this morning his four children were found living in his Livingston/Washtenaw area home in Detroit where a fentanyl lab was being ran out of the basement. And to make matters worse, the fentanyl; an opioid pain medication that is significantly stronger than morphine, was being cut up, and sold off as heroin.

It was less than six months ago when eleven police officers were exposed and made ill to particle air dust from a fentanyl/heroin substance in Harford, Connecticut during a drug bust. Police across America have been trained and warned about fentanyl’s dangers, including thousands of overdose drug deaths, as a small amount can be potent enough to be deadly. Since a small amount can cause death when ingested through the airways or absorbed through the skin, the concern is rising as it continues to be used in more and more areas as a substitute or addition to heroin.

It’s pretty safe to say that fentanyl is some pretty nasty stuff, and it’s horrific to think four children were living a few feet above a lab messing around with the drug. If you or someone you know has a problem with heroin, opioids, or fentanyl, please seek help immediately.

“Heroin is bad enough, but when you lace it with fentanyl, it’s like dropping a nuclear bomb on the situation,” Mary Lou Leary, a deputy director in the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy, told NPR. “It’s so, so much more dangerous.” – DrugFree.Org, Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Worsening Overdose Crisis, Officials Say


How We Help

Michigan Diagnostic Alcohol and Drug Services helps to address the issues people have when suffering from fentanyl, opioid, and heroin drug disorders. Let us help you help them.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services – If you have offenders, clients on probation, loved ones addicted to drugs or have other needs that require instant lab results, MDAD’s has the solutions you need. With instant drug and alcohol testing and instant lab results available immediately to help you keep them on track and accountable towards their drug free life. All lab results are admissible in court and legal proceedings.

Counseling Services – With our counseling services, people find new life skills to assist them in everyday life as they continue to build towards a future without the need for drugs or alcohol. Our professionals help get to the root of the problem, the wounds that haven’t healed, so the driving force behind the need to ‘escape’ is gone.

Offender Monitoring – Michigan Counseling Group offers a variety of monitoring solutions to assist your client or offender trying to build his or her life back up, and are used by government agencies and bail bond companies all over the country. – M-TRACK – GPS – Scram CAM – HOUSE ARREST – BREATH PBT.


Good Samaritan Act Law in Michigan

Good Samaritan Act Law in Michigan

When many people think about the Good Samaritan Act, they think about someone choking and

another person not having to think twice to save him. They know that if they help, any unintentional

harm can’t lead to a lawsuit. While this is the general idea of the Good Samaritan Act, it is extended to

cases of drug overdose.

Under the Good Samaritan Act Law, anyone can seek help for themselves or someone else during a drug

overdose situation. This includes cases in which someone overdoses on heroin.

The medication Naloxone treats drug overdoses and can save people’s lives. The problem is that getting

the medication means admitting someone is on illegal substances, which could lead to prosecution. So

in the past, instead of people seeking the medication in case of overdose, they were running from it.

With heroin killing over 50,000 a year, it’s important that people understand there is help for them and

their loved ones who are addicted to the drug without fear of going to prison.

Treatment vs. Jail

Prior to the Good Samaritan Act Law, heroin addicts suffering from overdose who showed up in

hospitals could be arrested for possession. Now, they are being helped with treatment instead. This is a

much more positive solution than jail, and it can save taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Addiction is a disease, according to many experts. This disease must be treated, like any other disease.

There’s a biological and emotional component in addiction, and that can be helped with psychotropic

medications and therapy.

Substance abuse treatments centers help heroin addicts detox from the drug safely. They then help

stabilize addicts with medication who may have mental illness or other medical disorders that were

masked by the illegal substance. Therapy is available to untangle the emotional/mental dependence of

the drug that makes addicts believe they cannot live life without it.

How Michigan Counseling Group Helps

Keeping those addicted to heroin and other drugs out of prison can be difficult, as the drug wrestles for

control. Michigan Counseling Group helps addicts, loved ones, and the legal system keep drugs from sabotaging any benefits

that have come from the Good Samaritan Act Law in Michigan. When someone is forced into treatment

and then released, it’s important that they remain drug free. Accountability is the biggest factor in this,

and that’s when Michigan Counseling Group steps in with drug and alcohol testing, offender monitoring, and counseling


Michigan Counseling Group provides referral services to its clients to help them follow through with a treatment plan with

success. By offering lab and instant drug testing at our facility that are admissible in court, addicts know

they must remain clean or risk their freedom. Offender monitoring allows probation officers an easy

way to keep track of those on their caseload and reminds those addicted that they are being tracked.

Finally, our counseling services helps addicts and their families understand what addiction is, what it

does, and how to come back from it. It’s what solidifies the treatment received from the rehab center.

Helping Addicts Help Themselves

At Michigan Counseling Group, we’re excited about the new Good Samaritan Act Law in Michigan. We believe this will save

the lives of so many people who struggle with heroin addiction, and give them more hope for a better,

brighter future. Every day, we help people recover from the depths of addiction, and we look forward to

helping so many more as people take advantage of the help of Naloxone without fear of imprisonment.

MDADS Drug Testing - Warren MI

Michigan Drug Raids Expose Deeper Issues

Michigan Drug Raids Expose Deeper Issues

January 17 was a bad day for drug dealers in Gallia County. In a span of 24 hours, Sheriff Matt Champlin of Gallia County and his deputies raided an alleged trafficking site and meth lab. This resulted in arrests and seizures of drugs and cash.

Cracking down on the drugs being trafficking across Michigan and the nation is one issue. The other, deeper issue is the influence and impact of the drug addiction that has infiltrated the streets. The amount of illegal activity is evident when raids like the one in Gallia County occur. While arrest and prosecution can be a solution, it’s doesn’t attack the root of the problem – drug addiction.

It’s not easy to eradicate the drug problems in our area. The purpose of police and prosecutors are simply to make drugs less accessible, but this is time-consuming and dangerous. Most criminals are armed and have a wide net of allies. Raids may only skim the surface of the problem, and may even increase the hostility among the drug community.

It’s the root of the area’s drug problem that must be taken care of. The root of drug addiction lies in:

  • Insecurity
  • Loneliness
  • Unemployment
  • Hopelessness

All of these contribute to the drug culture in this nation. Not until we are able to solve those feelings and situations will we be able to get a hold on the effects of addiction.

How We Help

The lack of resources to help addicts is the #1 complaint of most prosecutors. With no source of referrals for drug addiction, addicts simply float through the system with no direction. This leads to overpopulated prisons and a drug society that functions inside and outside of the penitentiaries.

Michigan Diagnostic Alcohol and Drug Services (Michigan Counseling Group) is a full-service referral source for people suffering from drug addiction.


  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: With lab and instant drug testing in our facility, we can ensure offenders remain compliant with probation. All of the tests performed can be used in courts and legal proceedings.

Our drug and alcohol testing can also be performed for pre-employment and random screen drug screens for employees. Partnerships with hiring agencies and local/county courts have made it possible to ensure employees are clean and sober for employment.

With unemployment being a huge reason for drug addiction, drug screens can ensure employers can hire workers with drug-related records. This can be an important, first step towards an addiction-free life.


  • Offender Monitoring: MDADs offers M-TRACK. This accountability monitoring solution is powered by SCRAM and SOBERLINK, and is being used by state, county and local court agencies, as well as bail bond companies. Other services include Scram CAM, GPS, BREATH PBT and HOUSE ARREST monitoring systems.


  • Counseling Services: Insecurity, loneliness, and hopelessness lie in those who are suffering because of mental disorder or life’s tragedies. Uncovering the source of these feelings and attaining resolution can lead to recovery in mental health and addiction.


Our referral system can help prosecutors secure family marriage counseling, substance abuse counseling, individual group therapy, and alcohol and drug assessments. These therapeutic resources along with monitoring and drug testing services, offenders addicted to drugs can begin and achieve addiction recovery.

Contact Michigan Counseling Group today for more information on these and other services to help your substance abuse clients. We work with many law offices in the area to help them provide their clients with the resources they need to save their life from the consequences of drug-related crimes.