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Ways to help your children develop self-esteem and confidence

Self-esteem and confidence are major traits in individuals that affect their success. While these are a lifelong process, the foundation of it needs to be established in early childhood. Building self-esteem will allow the child to deal with difficult situations that they will encounter during their lifetime. Since parents have the greatest influence on a child’s belief, it is important for them to let their child know where they belong, how well they are doing and contribute towards developing confidence and self-esteem.


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MDADS Quit Opioids

What to Expect When Quitting Opioids

Quitting opioids is not easy. As soon as you cut down on the number of pills you take, the withdrawals start. This makes you nervous, and as time goes on, your mind tells you that you’re not going to be able to make it through the day. That’s when you cave.


Opioid addiction takes control of you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Getting away from it means teaching your body, mind, and soul how to live without them again.


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Understanding what you can expect as you go through opioid detox and then recovery can help you prepare yourself to quit them once and for all. Knowing what you’re dealing with is common will help you hang on until the withdrawals start to subside.


Playing the Mind Game


The mind is a powerful thing. As soon as you decide you’re going to either reduce the dose or quit cold turkey, your mind is already revving your body up in anticipation of the change. This can happen in as little as 12 hours.


The mind gets nervous. Something that was so normal before is going away, and that is frightening to the mind.


We are creatures of habit – internally and externally. Habits don’t die easily. It can take a month or more to drop a habit, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It just takes time.


When the Body Fights Back


The physical body reacts to the stress the mind is creating. The body starts to fight back by making you feel agitated, irritable, and anxious. It wants you to get those pills and it’s going to make you sick until you do.


You must resist. Don’t let your mind and body win.


The body will turn it up a notch when the preliminary withdrawals aren’t enough to make you use.

  • Runny nose
  • Teary eyes
  • Hot and cold sweats
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea


These withdrawals symptoms usually peak around the 4th day. Once you get over day 5, you will start to feel less sick. This is when your body finally starts to function on its own – free from the drugs that have been controlling your life.


But, wait, what if you still don’t feel well?


People can suffer from withdrawals for as long as a month, and there are some side effects of opioid addiction that can be felt two years later. Most of these are the mood swings, anxiety, and depression.


Does this make you not want to recover from your opioid addiction? Consider the consequences of NOT quitting.


If you don’t quit opioids, you will continue to suffer from the life effects that have made you want to end your addiction now.


  • Job loss
  • Relationship problems
  • Money trouble
  • Loss of control
  • Health issues
  • Cognitive difficulties


You don’t want to live the rest of your life using opioids. You know your tolerance will continue to increase, and getting your drug of choice will be increasingly difficult as the government cracks down on the opioid crisis.

Make your life easier and better by quitting opioids.

Get help with opioid withdrawal Today!

Factors Affecting the Duration and Intensity of Opioid Withdrawal


Everyone is different. Your friend may be able to get over opioid addiction in a week, while it could take you longer.


The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence says, “There are several factors that can impact the duration and severity of withdrawal. For instance, the more dependent a person is on hydrocodone, the more significant the withdrawal symptoms may be. Drug dependence may be influenced by family history of addiction, genetic and biological factors, as well as environmental aspects.”


In other words, you don’t know the intensity and longevity of your withdrawals. All you can do is buckle up, hang on, and refuse to let go. By doing whatever you need to do (besides using again) to rid your body of all opioids, you will get yourself back to a life free from the control of opioid addiction.


How to Get Through Opioid Addiction Withdrawals and Recovery


You shouldn’t do it alone. It can feel 10 times worse to go through withdrawals by yourself because you’ll constantly feel as though there’s something medically wrong with you and you have to use or you’ll die.


Medical supervision during detox and/or counseling can help you understand that what you’re feeling is normal and you’re safe. This will give you the strength to get through the roughest part of the detox stage.


Anyone who has tried to detox or withdraw from opioid withdrawal knows how difficult it can be, so if you are doing this for the first time, just take our word for it. Reach out for support as much as you can to stabilize yourself through the storm.


Once you get over the biggest hurdle, counseling is incredibly important to the recovery process. You started to use opioids for a reason, and you continued to use them for another reason. You need to know why you needed them so much, and then seek out healthier ways to cope.


Many people addicted to opioids are truly in physical pain. As much as living in pain can seem unbearable, there are other ways to cope besides being addicted to opioids. Working with a medical professional AND a counselor can help you find other pain management solutions.


You do not have to be addicted to opioids for the rest of your life.


Recovering from Opioid Addiction


miccounselinggroup.comcan help you recover from opioid addiction. Not only do we have the services available to help you through detox and staying clean, but we have counseling resources to get you through the mental and emotional anguish you’ll surely go through in the next few weeks.


It’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be worth it. We understand what you’re going through, what you’re about to go through, and what life can be like after your addiction.


Addiction help is just a phone call away. Our specialists are available to give you the resources and services you need to tackle this life challenge you’ve found yourself in, so you can come out a much healthier, calmer, and happier person.


We know you’re sick and tired or being sick and tired. Let’s make this all stop for you.


Contact us.

National Suicide Prevention Week Brings Awareness to Mental Illness and Drug Addiction

September 10th through the 16th was National Suicide Prevention Week. During this time, many events were held to raise awareness for suicide. Stories were told about suicide attempts, lost loved ones, and experts discussed how to prevent it from happening.

The goal of the events was simply to bring awareness to the rising problem of suicide. Every year, approximately 34,598 people die from suicide, and 864,950 attempt it. This translates to about 94 suicides a day, or one person every 38 seconds tries it.


Many people are scared of getting murdered, but the risk of suicide is higher. It’s the 11th cause of death for all ages.


The risk factors are many, but most of them have to do with:


  • Mental illness (depression, anxiety)
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Family history

What This Means

If you’re struggling with a mental disorder or alcohol/drug abuse, you are at risk of suicide. Even if you do not think or plan on doing it now, there may be a time in the near future that this could happen. The risk increases significantly if someone in your family either committed suicide or attempted.


Once you are in the depths of suicidal ideation (the thoughts of killing yourself), it’s difficult to free yourself from them. Fascination comes into play, and that can take you to a place where convincing yourself it’s not the right choice becomes nearly impossible.


That’s why it’s important that if you have any of the major risk factors, such as mental illness, addiction, and/or family history of suicide, you seek help immediately.


How miccounselinggroup.comCan Help

miccounselinggroup.comprovides services to help you or your loved one prevent suicide. We offer:


Counseling: Therapy offers an out for people. Talking about issues, understanding why they are issues, and coming up with a plan on how to solve them can be overwhelming to do on your own, but not with a counselor. This professional can help you understand your thoughts and feelings, and relieve them enough so you can take steps that will prevent you from feeling hopeless.


Testing: Accountability means a lot when you’re trying to recover from an addiction. Knowing you’ll have a drug test in morning can keep you clean the day before. As you get through the beginning of recovery knowing you’re being tested, it will become easier to deal with the withdrawals and the cravings will decrease.


Monitoring: Just like testing, being monitored can keep those suffering from addiction accountable. Our SCRAM CAM, SCRAM GPS, and SoberLink technologies can keep people from drinking to keep them sober for longer.


At michigan counseling group, we are committed to providing the services needed to help people recover from addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness, so they can lead better lives.


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If you or someone you know needs help, please call miccounselinggroup.comtoday.

Tiger Woods Seeks Prescription Pill Class for Recovery

Tiger Woods Seeks Prescription Pill Class for Recovery

After his May arrest on suspicions of a DUI, Tiger Woods has sought and completed a recovery program in order to help him with his addiction. While it is unknown what Woods plans to do next, and if he intends to return to the PGA Tour, it does seem the program was helpful to him, according to his statement.


Tiger Woods’ Pill Addiction

Though the possibility of an alcohol addiction was ruled out when Woods was arrested, it soon became known that he was struggling with another type of substance use disorder, one that are a large number of Americans are currently dealing with: a prescription drug addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 7 million individuals reported past month prescription drug abuse, and the number has steadily climbed higher ever since.


While this is a serious disorder that can cause problems just like any other substance of abuse, such as arrests, overdose, etc., it can be treated with therapy, medications, and other options often found in rehab centers like the one Tiger Woods attended.


Rehab for the Golf Star

According to a statement made on social media on July 3rd, Woods says he has “recently completed an out of state private intensive program” in order to help him with his substance abuse. He states he will “continue to tackle this going forward” with the help of his “doctors, family, and friends.” He also mentioned his thanks for the support he has received from others.


Addiction is a serious issue that, in most cases, requires multiple treatment programs and a long-term recovery. As such, it is unknown whether Woods will require further care, but he currently seems to be doing his best to seek help and recover safely from this issue.


miccounselinggroup.comOffer Prescription Pill Class for Recovery

If you’re seeking a prescription pill class for recovery like Tiger Woods, you’ve found one right here. We offer an effective class that has helped many people who are addicted stop their struggles with prescription pills.


Our classes are led by experienced addiction counselors who understand what you are going through right now, and know how to end the turmoil that you’ve found yourself in because of your addiction. You will learn why you may have become addicted, how to start the withdrawal process, and how to live with the drugs in your life. It may sound frightening to live without them, but it is possible, and you can have a great life without them.


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Call us today for more information and to sign up for the class.


The Tragedy of a Drug Overdose Only a Grief-Stricken Mother Can Tell

An image of a mother helplessly lying on a hospital bed with her dying son has swept the world on social media. This Canadian mother shared the post to send an important message to mothers and their sons and daughters that THIS could be them.

Her son overdosed on fentanyl. In the post, she writes:

“I just want everyone to know that my son Michael overdosed on fentanyl. My son was not an addict he made a mistake that cost him his life. I just want to make everyone aware of the epidemic that’s going on right now that’s killing 5-7 people in every city in Canada.”

She goes on to say that she’s lost her son to this horrifying drug, and really wants everyone to know that this isn’t just her son’s tragedy. It can be anyone’s worst nightmare. He was only 22 years old.

About Fentanyl

Fentanyl can be mistaken for heroin. However, it’s much more dangerous. The high is quick and strong. Heroin highs can last hours, while fentanyl can last only a few minutes. It’s because the drug is mixed with an unknown amount of heroin, marijuana and other drugs. No one knows for sure what is in it when they are using it. That’s what makes it so risky.

People are using fentanyl without even knowing it, and yes, addicts and non-addicts. Some people take the chance because of peer pressure, and they have no idea what they are really using is the deadlier form of heroin. Addicts are at a higher risk because they are often using what they buy off whatever dealer is available, and no one really knows what the drugs are made up of when sold. And when you don’t know what’s in it, you don’t know if you’re taking too much – a deadly dose.

What to Do About the Epidemic

This epidemic is killing innocent people around the world. We’re surrounded by people dying every single day because of overdose. It needs to end.

At michigan counseling group, we are committed to helping addicts start and remain in recovery. Our services offer a full suite of recovery services that can keep people addicted to drugs in the community clean and productive.

Services include:

Testing: With regular alcohol and drug testing, we are able to keep people accountable for their actions. These services can be used by the court or for personal use, making it perfect for parole offices and parents.

Counseling: The underlying roots of drug addiction lie in not only biological causes, but emotional and mental ones as well. Counseling provides support, guidance, and education to help undercover the reasons why people turn to drugs, so they can learn better coping mechanisms.

License Restoration in Michigan: Losing a license can be a devastating experience for someone who is trying to get his/her life back while in addiction recovery. At michigan counseling group, we help people get their life back for a low price. We believe in second chances, and with your license back. You can have that second change.

GPS Monitoring: GPS monitoring is another service we highly recommend. This can help parents, loved ones, and parole officers keep track of those who are having a difficult time staying on track. With this, boundaries can be set with alerts to keep people on the right path.

Please contact us for more information on alcohol and drug testing, counseling, license restoration in Michigan, and GPS monitoring. We’re hoping to help as many people as possible NOT become like the mother and son mentioned above.


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Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI has claimed more than 10,000 lives across the US, and has led to over 1.5 million arrests, which is quite a staggering figure for any progressive society. According to US government estimates, there is a DUI related incident recorded every 53 minutes.  The Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, is out there trying to prevent the sale and use of illegal substances and alcohol, especially among younger demographics.

DUI or Driving Under Influence

It is illegal to be driving or operating a vehicle under the influence of prescribed or recreational drugs and/or alcohol, and this is termed as driving under the influence. An individual can be charged with DUI if he/she is found to have alcohol or drug above a certain threshold level. Often people have to undergo Michigan Drug Assessment Test if they have been booked for DUI.

Some of the signs that confirm drunk driving include:

  • Driving at high speed,
  • Stopping the vehicle at without any reason,
  • Taking wide turns,
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road,
  • Swerving,
  • Switching off the headlights while driving at night.

The permitted limit of BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration is 0.08. Alcohol affects a person both emotionally as well as physically while changing their behavior. From the liver to the brain, and from the heart to the excretory system, everything gets affected by alcoholism. However, when someone drives under the influence of alcohol, the chances of an accident tends to increase exponentially.

How Alcohol DUI is tested?

A Michigan alcohol screening test is conducted on individuals suspected of DUI, and when it is confirmed the individual is arrested for DUI. Presently there are 3 different types of BAC tests performed.

Breath Test

Very popular among law enforcement agencies, the Michigan alcohol screening test is compact and portable, and provides results immediately. During this test breathalyzers are used wherein the driver is required to blow into an apparatus containing air sacs. This instrument is capable of determining alcohol level in the breath.  


Blood Test

Though this is a more time consuming procedure, the blood test to determine the toxicity levels is more accurate. Since this is an intrusive approach, law enforcers need the consent of an individual before extraction. Not giving consent for this test, and later testing above the legal limit, will land an individual a longer jail term and larger fine as Michigan Super Drunk Law is some of the most strict in the entire US.  

Urine Test

This is the least accurate BAC test but can be used when the other tests cannot be performed. Michigan Welfare Drug Testing does not make this a mandatory test as the alcohol level in the urine often gets affected by other external factors.


Why do you Need Marriage Counseling?

Why do you Need Marriage Counseling?

Marriage Counseling
No relationship is without challenges, but for modern couples the challenges can be complicated with multiple layers. Some common issues that couples face regularly include parenting, infidelity, death of family member, or substance abuse, among a litany of other potential hazards. Marriage and family therapy programs in Michigan have helped countless families resolve their differences and return to their normal family lives.


Marriage counseling is of immense help to couples who want to improve their relationships by ironing out their differences. Communication has great power and when couples are not communicating effectively, it is couples counseling that helped to open up broken communication channels. Counseling prevents the problems from getting worse while bringing the drifting couples closer through clear communication.  


Marriage counseling in Metro Detroit is quite popular among couples contemplating breaking up their relationships or pursuing divorce; they want to give their marriage a second chance. Marriage counseling has been able to improve relationships along with the mental and physical health of family members. Marriage and family therapy programs in Michigan have successfully helped couples restore their health, enhance bonding and improve their lives. There are several professional marriage counseling agencies in Detroit which have managed to make a very positive impact on the lives of couples.


Couples counseling in Michigan offers a variety of support programs while giving you a direction and helping to make a difference in your overall outlook about the relationship. There is no need to go through life’s frustrations, losses, and struggles alone – there is help around the corner, so reach out without hesitation.  


If you wish to keep your marriage and family happy and healthy, then you need to have the patience to keep working through the ebbs and flows of your relationship. Families thrive on love, and if you can keep the love for your partner and your family intact then no challenges will seem too big to beat. A majority of the couples feel that their partner does not understand their feelings or do not wish to hear them, which clearly shows a lack of communication. If there is a lack of communication in a relationship then it will usually not last. The only way out is to keep that communication channel open, and if you are finding trouble in doing so, you can always seek help from marriage counseling.   The best mentality to keep is that it is never your side against your partner’s side, but you and your partner working together to fight the problem.


There is no shame in seeking help to improve your relationship, especially from professionals who have helped several couples and families enhance their lives by mending ways with their partners. Give it a try and you will not regret your decision. Best of Luck!

Contact us if you need help with your Marriage. Our experienced counselors are here to help. Hour sessions starting at only $75.00!!!


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Use of GPS Tethers Reduce Crimes by Sex Offenders

Use of GPS Tethers Reduce Crimes by Sex Offenders

Traditional supervision of sex offenders is not only expensive, but ineffective as well. The sex offender monitoring services Michigan utilizes has shown that GPS tether anklets can not only help law enforcement keep an eye on sex offenders but also has been able to reduce the crimes committed by sex offenders. Many states have started replicating the Michigan tether program as it has been a huge success.

A recent study compared the parolees placed in traditional groups along with the ones put on GPS monitoring. Surprisingly, they found that the parolees in the traditional groups committed more crimes even when they were under supervision. Even the cost analysis studies showed that the lowering of crime rates among parolees did not incur huge costs for the state. In fact electronic monitoring has a lot of advantages, as the Department of Corrections do not have to incarcerate the sex offenders into the already overcrowded prison system.

Crimes by sex offenders are reduced by the use of electronic monitoring since the law enforcement officers are able to track their whereabouts at any time of the day. The sex offenders are aware that they are being tracked so they rarely try to violate the law. Tampering of the GPS tether Michigan is a usual tactics by most offenders but this violation will result in arrest and incarceration. The use of electronic monitoring is quite popular among the states which have limited space in their prisons, and Michigan is near the top of the list.

Sex offenders wearing GPS tether anklets refrain from committing crimes because they fear the consequences of violating the rules, which might lead to jail once again. At least they are free to roam about and lead an otherwise normal life by being able to attend classes or hold down a job. It saves them from being confined to a prison cell, and instead allows them lead a rather normal personal and professional life.  This is a quite effective method which has helped the states reduce the crime rate, especially the sexual crimes like molestation and rape. Something that started out as an experiment is now a norm across the country.


School Drug Testing – Things you Need to Know

School Drug Testing – Things you Need to Know

Drug testing at workplaces has become quite common but it is also being replicated in various schools. Reasonable cause/suspicion or random drug testing are fast becoming a normal occurrence in many schools. Michigan alcohol screening tests in schools are not the only tests performed on students, but there are urine tests for drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, opioids, PCP and marijuana as well. Usually random tests are performed on more than one student who are picked randomly for drug testing.  

Students who often take part in competitive extracurricular activities also have to undergo random drug testing. If the school suspects or has evidence of drug or alcohol abuse, then the urine of that student is collected for random drug tests. A Michigan drug assessment test is used for determining whether the student is involved in active drug or alcohol abuse. Evidence of drug abuse necessary for a random drug test include physical symptoms such as the student being under the influence, or series of erratic or abnormal behavior, and direct observations by school officials.

What is the need for drug testing in the schools?

Implementation of random drug testing in schools has been designed to discourage and prevent drug abuse among students. Random testing often acts as a deterrent, and also gives them a reason to avoid peer pressure when it comes to drug abuse. On the other hand, random drug testing also facilitates identification of the students using drugs and early intervention is made possible. Students testing positive during these tests can be further recommended for drug abuse treatment. Drug abuse in schools is rising with every passing day and if preventive measures are not taken at the earliest possible moment, then the situation might soon get out of control.  

Student drug testing cannot alone prevent or deter students from drug abuse and it should actually be part of a larger plan that includes prevention, intervention, and even treatment.  The primary aim of random drug tests in schools is not aimed at reprimanding students using drugs but to actually stop the abuse and help the students get out of the drug use. Whenever a student tests positive during a random drug test, they should be informed and counseled privately. Drug treatment programs should be recommended for students diagnosed with drug abuse.  

Much hyped programs like the Michigan Welfare Drug Testing has failed but when it comes to random drug testing in schools, it has been a grand success. Students have been made aware of the downsides of drug abuse; they have been prevented from using drugs in future and the ones tested positive are even recommended for treatment.


Restoring your Driver’s License

Restoring your Driver’s License

Drinking and driving is not only dangerous but it is also an offense for which you might have to cough up hefty fines as well as lose your driver’s license. In a worst case scenario, you might even end up in jail as well. The time period of revoking your license depends on your history of convictions for drunk driving. Restoring your license is a tough process, and you need to get everything right the first time.

Michigan driver’s license reinstatement is extremely challenging as you will have to present your case in a convincing manner in front of the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division. If you commit your 2nd OWI or DUI within 7 years of your first, then your license shall be revoked for at least 1 year. Additionally, if within 10 years you get convicted of a 3rd OWI or DUI then your license shall be revoked for 5 years. Once this time period is over, you will need to ask for a hearing by filling out the forms SOS 258 and SOS 257 at the Michigan Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division. The hearing officer is the only personnel to decide whether your license can be restored or not. He/she is the only one to decide whether to give you a full license or restricted license, only after hearing your case.

The hearing is nothing but an official plea to convince the officer that the driver is sober and is no longer abusing drugs or alcohol.  You will need a competent lawyer or counseling agency by your side to guide you through all of the steps.

The driver also needs to get through the SAE or Substance Abuse Evaluation while producing letters from other people from their community to say something about their past and present drug or drinking habits. The SAE is filled up by a certified doctor or drug abuse therapist. There needs to be some congruence between the Substance Abuse Evaluation documents and the letters produced from community representatives. Michigan driver’s license reinstatement can be denied if the hearing officer finds any kind of discrepancies.  

You need to take adequate preparation prior to the hearing so that your Michigan driver assessment reexamination is carried out convincingly to restore your driver’s license.


Electronic Monitoring of Criminals Saves Money

Electronic Monitoring of Criminals Saves Money

The Michigan tether program for electronic monitoring of criminals has helped the state save a significant amount of money. According to recent statistics, about 500 individuals are charged with various crimes that include rape, armored robbery and murder(cite/help?). Accommodating these individuals in jail is a very costly effort because in addition to the people awaiting their trial, there are also criminals serving out their sentences. No new jails are being constructed in the state and most of the jails are operating at full capacity. Fortunately, the GPS Tether ankle has come to the aid of state authorities as many of the nonviolent offenders who would be housed in a jail cell are instead monitored with a electronic tether on their ankle.

An estimated annual savings of more than $20 million is a significant incentive for the authorities to continue  using the Michigan tether program. People get to see criminals roaming around the city with tethered ankles and that gives them a sense of security as well.(Help?) Despite their cost benefit, not all counties in the state of Michigan are using the tether program for their nonviolent criminals. For instance, Wayne county uses it on almost every type of criminals whereas Macomb and Oakland counties tend to use these devices only on people accused of minor crimes(cite). Wayne county depends a little too much on the GPS tether Michigan because of the high crime rate in the county – electronic monitoring helps them keep  track of all of their criminals.(doesn’t this hurt the argument?)

Several other states are using programs similar to the offender monitoring services Michigan uses.  The Michigan tether program has been a huge success thus far, and has inspired other states to replicate the use of tethers to reduce costs of incarceration (cite). There is little need for low-level offenders to be  kept in jail, as tethering can be used for effective tracking of the offender’s activities.

The most amazing fact about tethers is that they use GPS, cell phone signals and even the landline phones (cite) to track the offenders. The use of technology has led to huge savings for the counties as they are able to track the activities of defendants at a fraction of the cost. While It’s actually the judge’s order or the chief of jails’ determination when it comes to deciding to utilize the GPS tether or not, it would be wise to allow for all counties within the state to be able to use the tether program on a wider array of potential convicts. Overcrowding of jails can be easily avoided by the use of a GPS tether for defendants.